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The -=HERO=- Allround is one of kind and an unique server to play on!

-=HERO=- FR Perks 12

When the server is on the normal map rotation you will see that this game is totally different then you are used to.
See the images below to see the difference:

Blood Harvest

Blood Harvest without Mod.
Blood Harvest with Mod.

Death Toll

Death Toll without Mod.
Death Toll with Mod.

Be ready for a real Apocalypse experience!

-=HERO=- FR Custom weekend 12

The headline says it all, Custom Weekend to be played in weekends.... We use 2 map rotation's to not have a to big of a map cycle.
Which map's we currently use you can see below:

You can download them directly from our server

Custom Map Rotation 1 as set in map cycle:

Surrounded by The Dead - Dead City - Precint 84 - City 17 - Night Terror (sound fix) - Death Aboard -

Custom Map Rotation 2 as set in map cycle:

I Hate Mountains - One 4 Nine - Crash Bandicoot - Dead Before Dawn - Suicide Blitz - Vienna Calling -

-=HERO=- FR Survival 16

For Survival we currently use a rotation of these maps:

Helms Deep - Mc Donalds - Bedrooms - Night of Green Flu - The Alamo - Road Warrior -

-=HERO=- FR Versus 8

A standard game of versus that we hope in the future to make it a Rotoblin server

How to install Custom Maps

Instructions on how to install maps:

1) Go to link and download file (usually in .zip or .rar format)
2) Extract the file you downloaded to get a .vpk format file (Need a software for this; recommend Winrar)
3) Copy and paste the .vpk file in your addons folder (Program Files -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> left 4 dead -> left4dead -> addons)
4) Check that maps are enabled in your game by going to Options -> Extras

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