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-=HERO=- FR Coop 18 for L4D1 is a revolutionary gametype that rigorously crams the player into a coop environment which is both fun and extremely competitive. Rated amongst the top servers for L4D1, -=HERO=- FR Coop 18 is the longest running 16/18 players server which shows that we are not only dedicated to giving you an awesome experience, but we are also dedicated into listening to your views and ideas - that's what makes it so good and popular!

CVar's and Plugins

Without the all-encompassing and extended research we devote to each server, our servers will be messed up. Each server has their own set of unparalleled CVar's (also known as Character Variables) of which we have spent the time and resource making them perfect for a 18 player environment - a hidden CVar which allows people to crawl on our server is accessed by sm_cvar survivor_allow_crawling 1. For our player's benefit, we have included some plugins which improve gameplay hugely. Some basic plugins on -=HERO=- FR Coop 18 include,L4D/2 Crowned Horde and L4D/L4D2 Trap of door lock

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