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It can get annoying having to type !info, !flare, !laseron etc over and over again. Here is a short tutorial on binding (in other words, assigning) certain keys to type it in for you. To do this, you have to enable the Console.
When you start the game, go to Options -> Keyboard/Mouse Settings and enable the Developer Console. Then, press the ~ key to open it. Copy & paste the following then press Enter, one line at a time:

bind f12 "say !kill"

bind f11 "say !spec"

bind f10 "say !join"

bind j "say !laser"

bind k "say !info"

bind f4 "toggleconsole"

You don't have to use the keys that are used here just select the <key> that you like.

Next time you go in game, simply press J to activate laser, k to see the HP of the infected, and f4 to open console..

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