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Lots of players find it hard to play on MG servers due to high latency (known better as lag). Latency can be caused by a large variety of reasons; it can also be quite annoying to deal with. In this guide, you will find different methods you can use to better your connection with MG servers and get the best gaming possible.


Follow through all the steps below and you should have no problems owning zombies!


When you use your internet wirelessly (or wired) through a router or Ethernet hub, you are causing delay. In the case your internet service is not fast enough to make up the delay, you need to combat the lag yourself by putting less obstacles in the way. If possible, connect directly to the internet without relying on modems or routers.

Wireless Connectivity

For many of us, wireless internet is a part of the household. Our desktops, laptops, gaming consoles, iPods, phones, TVs, printers etc are all connected through a central router. Therefor, a direct connection may not be possible.

The next step is to see if you can at least connect a cable to the router instead of relying on a wireless connection. If even that is not possible, at least get closer to your router and make sure the wireless connectivity bar is all the way up! Good connection is an integral step to reducing lag.

Another way to reduce lag is to lower the strain on your router. Turn off any wireless device that is not in use to better your chance of a good connection.

Direct Connectivity

Are you already directly connected to the internet? Most likely, you will need to upgrade your internet package. Call your ISP (whoever is giving you internet access) and ask them about faster plans. You can also try upgrading your computer's Ethernet card to something faster like a gigabit card.


Background applications that use the internet can cause periodical lag during gameplay. Here are some tips to overcome them.
Or download the TCP Optimizer

Antivirus Software

We all hate viruses. However, the software will eat up precious CPU cycles that would otherwise be helping you obliterate zombies. Antivirus programs also periodically run CPU intensive scans and updates that will only make your MG experience worse. Disable them while playing, but don't forget to turn them back on after you're done! Here you can read antivirus review.

Windows Update

Windows tends to automatically connect and download/install updates. Many times this will happen mid-game and cause your connection to waver. Suggestion: schedule the updates to take place at a time when you are not playing.

Kill Useless Applications

Simple. Don't let them slow your PC down.

Perform virus and spyware checks

Viruses and spyware slow down your PC unlike anything else. When not playing, do a scan with the latest antivirus/antispyware database and get rid of them!


There is also a setting in most routers known as QoS, which prioritizes your internet connectivity. That means you can give your gaming PC most of the bandwidth when it needs it and limit the bandwidth to the rest of the devices. Read more about it: QoS Settings It is very effective in controlling internet usage.

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