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There are a lot of other servers using our steam group which makes our servers hard to find. When following this guide you will always have instant access to all MG servers and you can auto-retry connection when a server is full and you want to play.

Here are all steps:

Enable developer console.

To use openserverbrowser you need to enable the developer console first. To do this go to Options > Keyboard / Mouse on the main screen.

Console start.png

Set Developer Console to 'Enable'

Console enable.png

Now press ~ on your keyboard (usually left from the 1 on a US keyboard).

The console should popup, type 'openserverbrowser' and press <Enter>.


There is an 2nd way to open the Server Browser, 1st download this file Serverbrowser.vpk
Place this file into your l4d directory C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\addons if you did this right you will see the option like the image below

Console vpk.png

A new screen will popup, click on the second tab called 'custom'.

Wait for it to refresh all servers, there are like 800. Sort by name and look for all servers starting with -=HERO=-


Select all servers you want to add to your favorites.

You can do this by holding CTRL and click on each server, the selected servers will become red. If you want to bookmark all servers, click on the first one, hold shift and click on the bottom one, that will select all servers. When you're done, right click and choose 'Add server to favorites'.


Now click on the tabblad 'Favorites'. Select the server you want to play on and click 'Connect' or right-click and choose 'Connect to server'.


Now, if the server is full you will get this screen:


Click on 'Auto-Retry' and select 'Join this server as soon as a player slot is available'.

All you have to do is wait now until someone leaves and you will auto enter the game!

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